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About us

CEO Greetings

Dear Customers,
Welcome to STS (Slotter Tooling System).

STS is a manufacturer and supplier of tools for the Key Slot Cutter Systems, the essential for power transmission system such as shaft, gear, key and coupling.

Today, heat-treated SKH based “High Speed Steel (also known as “HSS”)” is widely used in cutting tool applications. However, it is still unsatisfactory in many in terms of bite abrasion, lifetime, quality, costs, re-work and productivity. To this end, STS have developed an innovative product line.

In order to overcome existing problems and to improve cutting quality, we developed the insert-applications by using ultrafine solid carbide, and also designed shank and holder by using solid carbide alloy.

Additionally, we developed various auxiliary tools for achieving higher productivity in key slot cutting. Our products are the best and holistic solution for ever-repeating problems and troubles that cannot be tackled by traditional tools. STS’s product line will ensure both productivity (time-saving, grinding-free, anti-abrasion and other costs) and quality (displacement-free (bite), greater bending, high precision, tolerance control and bite rigidity).

Armed with advanced technology competence,
we will continue to expand market-share and, also to exert more R&D efforts,
so that we can serve you better.
We expect your consistent support and cooperation.
Thank you very much.

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