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Slot Cutter System


  • Maintain the right-angle automatically.
  • Maintain the flat edge-line automatically.
  • Correct the bite position automatically.
  • Support the work-piece rigidly. (Special heat treatment)
  • Apply the maximum bending stress design.
  • Stand against the cutting force
  • Prevent any displacement during cutting work.
  • Employee the special screw system.

Insert Tip

  • Ensure a long lifetime (ultrafine solid carbide).
  • Ensure the high performance (solid carbide alloy).
  • Ensure the high-speed cutting (2 times faster, HSS).
  • Ensure the standard dimension (standard tolerance).
  • Ensure the high precision (tolerance control).
  • Save the costs (anti-abrasion, lifetime).
  • Need no grinding work (standard dimension).
  • Prevent both dust and noise (grinding noise).


  • Prevent any displacement during cutting work
  • Support the bite rigidly.
  • Prevent the vibration during cutting work.
  • Employee the built-in design with shank.
  • Employee the automatic alignment system.
  • Apply the special heat treatment.


  • Employee the high quality screw.
  • Ensure the maximum coupling performance.
  • Ensure the high durability.
  • Ensure the high anti-abrasion.
  • Ensure the high strength and hardness.

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